The solution to difficulties is always in compromise

As we know, the difficulties of this times related to the supplies of raw plastic materials, are going on. Those materials are available overpriced and with increasing waiting time.

The situation, in our sector more than in others, has been strongly affected by the stop of travel that began with the Covid pandemic and that it doesn’t seem designed to end shortly.

The market is a swing, the secret is to hold on tight

Those who have been on the market for decades know this: the market is made up of ups and downs.

Raw materials have always suffered from downturns in availability, price, use opportunities.

These "fluctuations" are usually related to international politics, with the actual availability of resources, but also with public opinion that drives towards the use - or not - of a particular material.

The issue of price

It is undeniable that the Covid Pandemic has influenced (unfortunately upward) the price lists of many raw materials producers and plastic polymers do the same. It’s true that a slowed-down market, corresponds to an increased difficulty in sustaining a price increase. 

Decofilm choses, to overcome the problem, to work on two fronts: 

  • price control
  • the proposal of alternative resources

Tiered prices

We try, in every possible way, to limit the prices rise.

Given the increase in raw materials, we do as is understandable, eroding part of our margin, to meet customers’ needs. 

The difficulties belongs to everyone. We believe in the importance of holding hands and in the historicity of relationships. For this reason, business permitting, profit is not our priority.

Alternative polymers

Research, study and the possibility of using alternative polymers to traditional ones, are today more than ever a fundamental resource.

Our experimentation in this field was not born with the Pandemic, and this is why we have been able to answer promptly to the requests of the use of alternatives materials for the production of plastic films for packaging.

Years of experiments and tests made us able to reach our customers with an already tested solution for both quality and performance. A valid alternative.

Uses of recycled materials

Recycle area has always been our “obsession”.

The theme of the use of green materials (recyclable and/or biobased) goes hand in hand with the proposal of film produced starting from alternatives materials. 

We strongly believe that this is the direction that everybody must take, not only considering the good results that these materials are showing but also in the face of the goals that governments ask us to respect.

The relative UE Packaging Directive has increased recycling rates and has introduced stricter criteria for its calculations. The Basel Convention also fixed stricter conditions for sending plastic waste abroad. Why? Because, if we do not increase our commitment, the targets set for 2025-2030 will not be achieved.

The Commission has modified standards in the field of packaging design (“essentials requirements”), to lead to a better design of the packaging with the aim of recyclability and re-use.

The new EU rules also want to strengthen Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes as well, so that they promote recyclability (for example, through charge modulation systems or even deposit-refund systems), and not only lighter packaging.

The UE’s ambition to improve the recycling of plastic packaging reflects the dimensions of the environmental challenge set by the plastic itself.

We have accepted this challenge a long time ago, and we keep maintaining our commitments even in this difficult time.

The right road is never the one that turns back, at least until it leads us to our destination.