50 years and a compass

2021 is the year of our 50th birthday, but perhaps the greatest gift always comes from you, through the confidence that you renew us every day by choosing us.


In return, we will give you the certainty of being able to trust and entrust, the security of working with a company that believes in collective and individual progress and that invests every day to make technology a good weapon in the hands of the man.


50 years of experience

Why celebrate a company's birthday? To draw attention? To self-praise? None of this.

By proudly involving you in the celebration of our 50th year of activity, we want to show you the way we are today lays every day on a true, full-bodied past that has taught and shaped us.

We celebrate today, not to praise the past, but to explain the present to you and give you more and more reasons to decide to work with us.


A challenge every day

Is our birthday a milestone? Rather, we would say it is another opportunity to renew the challenges we accept every day.

The topics we cannot and do not want to avoid are those that our sector has been putting on the agenda for long, asking companies for concrete answers, to translate into action: sustainability, health, safety, human responsibility.


The new economy has man at its center

Ethical action is not a new topic within the economic debate, yet today, facing the urgent demands for environmental and social sustainability related to plastic production, we believe it is necessary to rethink this concept thoroughly, perhaps even reinterpret it.

The crisis we are facing following the Covid Pandemic has also raised questions of a humanitarian nature, showing the limits of systems and organizations. Some choices, including governmental ones, have demonstrated the inevitability of taking positions that put man at the center of every process, assigning him an undisputed priority.

Industry today wonders how to reconcile this due perspective, with the necessary economic development, which is always functional to human well-being.


Investments for innovation

We found one of the answers to this question in the now well-known path of innovation. Today we strongly believe that technological progress can write that word that will bring together the needs of mankind and the ones of the economy (and packaging).


Food priority

Historicity and innovation are the keywords that will guide Decofilm in 2021.

Apparently, in opposition, they are actually the two pans of a scale that must always be in balance to proceed with stability and safety.

A large part of our research for the improvement of packaging films will focus on the FOOD division, which is increasingly making specific requests to which we believe it is necessary to give new answers.

Of course, our product range remains diversified and our historic products will continue to be the core of an offer that we are proud to declare absolutely complete.

Technologically we will always work towards sustainability and safety, offering you an increasingly specialized and flexible service.


The compass for (our) future

We choose to represent our birthday as a compass that, firmly resting on our past, can guide us in the present, showing us the route of the future.

Impossible to know where to go if we do not know where we come from.