The innovative polyolefin film with selective permeability that replaces the stretch PVC film

The new polyolefin film that the world market has been waiting for since time is born from the partnership between Decofilm and Minipack: it’s a solution that is an alternative to the classic packaging of fresh meat in trays and PVC stretch film.

R&D Decofilm and Minipack have come together to propose the winning combination of machinery (Minipack Freska) and new film (Decofilm Fresko), able to solve many problems typical of traditional PVC stretch films.


Freska and Fresko: the winning couple

Thanks to the synergy of the new Freska packaging machine and the innovative Fresko film, the market now has a selective permeability polyolefin film as an alternative to PVC Stretch, which can be used as a traditional shrink polyolefin film.


The new Freska + Fresko solution lets you to use trays of any type for food packaging, avoiding the loss of organic liquids and maintaining an optical effect of high brilliance and transparency.

Of course it is a completely sustainable solution, 100% recyclable, and compliant with the circular economy.


Some pluses of the new solution:


- Thin thicknesses from 12 to 25 microns

- Selective permeability adjustable by thickness

- Also suitable for red meat in trays (non barrier, red meat up to 7 days)

- Can be used on flowpack and L sealer machines without modification or adjustments

- Low shrink force, packing without deformation

- Low retraction energy, high automatic productivity

- 100% recyclable film with PE, compliant with the circular economy

- Reverse density <1g x cm3

- Ideal for large-scale distribution laboratories and the food industry

- Immediate and efficient anti-fog effect


Freska + Fresko is a Decofilm and Minipack solution.

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