RESOURCE: the raw material of a company

Projects and companies are always based on resources. 
If the "resources" of a product are its raw materials, we can say that the "raw material" of a company are the people that make it up, that make it work and characterize it.

Historicity or shared knowledge

There are many historical companies in the world but, sometimes, it is difficult to perceive their continuity of service, approach, and level. This happens when, although the company has been on the market for a long time, the knowledge inside it is not (or not fully) shared.
The company is a team and the individual skills and professionalism must cooperate with each other and must be able to draw on historical know-how, as in a ladder that progresses based on the achievements already acquired in the past.

How do you share knowledge in the company? 

A good knowledge management strategy has to ensure that all employees have access to information when they need it. This simplifies the processes of acquisition, spread and use of knowledge that, in turn, allow the development of every effective and engaging decision-making process, encouraging collaboration and innovation.
The sharing of errors is also important because it allows not to repeat them or, simply, to optimize procedures and produce more and more performing solutions.

What about the customer benefit? Your contacts will be faster and more effective in their responses and service because they will not need to learn and/or search for processes and information. 

Training to progress

If existing knowledge is important, so is what is acquired from scratch. For this reason, it is necessary to constantly provide support in training and in field experimentation to all those who are part of the company, 
In Decofilm, for example, we never say "it has always been so": the world changes and with it the needs of customers, so that what once worked might not be so suitable today.

That is why we must always have the courage and a mental attitude aimed at experimentation and progress. If we want our staff to keep this mindset, it is necessary for the company to support them, leaving room for growth and experimentation to everyone.

From specialists to assistants

A person who is completely master of his knowledge and who has a shared work mentality with the company is a perfect consultant for you.
That is why every Decofilm person becomes a perfect assistant at every stage of the process.
In this way, the company’s resource becomes a valuable resource for the customer.

Resource as a person, resource as a culture, and resource as a benefit to the customer.
We do everything to store, optimize and make ours (resources) available to you.

This is Decofilm.