RESEARCH: we believe in eco-responsibility

We believe that professionals of each sector are called to give an ethical contribution aimed at the progress of the communities, territories and ecosystems in which they operate.

We as Decofilm, in particular, working in the field of plastic processing, have the responsibility to improve common products and, above all, to seek new and better solutions.

More “eco”, more performances

Often the market fears that, following a "green" road can mean to renounce economic convenience, quality or performance.
The challenge, which is already achieved, is to offer green products that not only maintain the characteristics of the previous ones, but even offer something more.

The results of our Research and Development Department

In our laboratories, in recent years, many innovations and solutions have been created and tested. That solutions, already used by the market, have given excellent results.
The whole DECOMAB range consists of totally recyclable and food-grade films.
The range guarantees the same protection characteristics of more traditional materials. DECOMAB films are also “Stretch” and “Shrink”: able to adapt to any shape of product and / or tray.

News and safety

Putting an innovative product on the market never means, for us, giving up on safety.
The laboratory tests done on our films are more stringent that the law requirements.
They reproduce the real conditions of the product and certify the complete safety of our solutions, as well as testify and provide precise data on their performance.

DECOMAB is an exclusive of DECOFILM, under a worldwide patent (Amorphous SBS Soft Shrink).

The characteristics of the DECOMAB range

The DECOMAB range offers multiple options, all patented and perfectly integrated into the circular economy. It is the range of PE packaging films, 100% recyclable and non-irradiated.
Available in high and low barrier versions, Decofilm's DCML films avoid organic losses, and are perfect for neutral, hermetic and safe packaging, adapting to any type of tray closure. Decomab DCML is the only heat shrink film in permeable polyolefin (patented), 100% Recyclable and Eco Friendly, approved by Circular Economy.
Do you need data? Here they are.

DCLG: DECOFILM's innovative and sustainable bio-based film for packaging

Alongside more traditional and improved films, from the point of view of sustainability, DECOFILM offers a totally green and equally performing option: the multipurpose film produced from sugar cane.

DCLG, the green and bio based film, is certified "I'm green Plastic"!

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