Recyclable POF films

Today Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials. Re-using and recycling are the biggest challenges for the companies, as DECOFILM, that are actively contributing to create products compliant with the requirements of circular economy, for mankind protection. 

Oxo-degradable and bio-degradable plastics are the worst threats for the environment, due to their fragmentation. The small plastic fragments scatter in the surrounding (water and ground), harming the bio-diversity.

What can we do? Recycle and proper disposal.

We can therefore reduce our need to create new plastic and be more responsible in its waste-disposal.

Decofilm, in cooperation with  BIFA and FRAUNHOFER IVV (international entities that drive and lookout on plastic-production recyclability) is working to create recyclable products with high technical qualities and performances.

In particular, DECOMAB and DECOLINE ranges are certified fully recyclable by INTERSEROH. 

DECOMAB (patent registered) is the first recyclable barrier shrink film, without crosslinking treatment on the market.