Plastic Decolution is also a Plastic Revolution: REDUCE

12 months, 12 fundamental concepts all compliant with the Circular Economy and all to be considered when you are choosing a packaging solution.

DECOFILM tells the truth and only the truth about the advantages and disadvantages of every technological solution available today, so that producers can consciously choose the packaging film that suits their needs, and those of the environment.

Our journey through reality, technology and sustainability goes through a “12 R” train.
Each of these R speaks of a fundamental aspect of the "recyclability" of plastic polymers or their "green" substitutes.

Let's start with number 1: REDUCE

What we need to reduced to make a packaging solution truly sustainable?


Reduce the thicknesses

The paths to sustainability taken up to now are based above all on the reduction of thicknesses.

The thickness is measured in microns and affects the transparency, consistency and barrier effect of the film.

Reducing the thickness of the film means decreasing the use of raw materials and lightening the final product, with less impact, due to the lower weight, on the production of C02 released by wheel transport.

It is necessary to find the right balance between the reduction of the thickness and the maintenance of the technical characteristics of the material, considering in a primary way also - naturally - the type of polymers involved.

All this to ensure REAL recyclability.

Traditional production often offers products treated with thermosetting agents (crosslinked), which are therefore actually not recyclable.

Even the use of polymers with a density greater than 1 g x cm3 creates the same problem of inability for the film to be reintroduced in the production cycles after the first use (in addition to not allowing the material, in case of incorrect disposal at sea, to float and then be recovered).

Of course, for companies, it is more convenient to use known and tested solutions, research and experimentation are always risky and economically demanding, but they are also the only attitudes that allow progress.



Often, on the market, packaging films with reduced thickness are sold, but they don’t keep some thermal characteristics and force to use an excess of energy for sealing or shrinking.

Honesty towards customers obliges us to take into account hidden defects. Don't settle for partial analysis and information!


The DECOFILM solution

Our DECOFILM DECOLINE range fully and efficiently responds to the need for thickness reduction. In particular DECOFILM DCLP Performance is our packaging film with a reduced thickness (only 9 microns) able to satisfy customers who want to act significantly in favour of business and nature.

Suitable for application in the industrial and food sectors, it retains unchanged the characteristics necessary to obey the rules of the circular economy.