Flexible packaging film becomes intelligent packaging

Plastic polymer packaging continues the race for sustainability and safety.
We are working, with excellent results, on the integration of RFID chips (radio-frequency identification) that can be printed on conductive polymers for flexible packaging.

The advantages of an RFID chip on packaging

The chips, integrated into the packaging, are able to provide valuable information on the traceability of the product, but also - especially in the food sector - on the “health” of the content.
The deterioration of the product, in fact, is one of the major problems in distribution (from 2 to 5% of stock).

Economic savings with intelligent packaging

In the large-scale retail sector, the use of intelligent packaging can produce a saving of 15% in labor costs, due to the elimination of the need to prepare the staff to scan barcodes on pallets and containers along the internal logistics chain .
To this can be added a cost containment of 7% due to the reduction of thefts and accounting and administrative errors.

Contactless Tracking

Automatic identification and traceability of products are technologies that have been known for some time (barcode, magnetic strips, etc.). However, all these solutions require direct contact, physical or visual, of the object with the devices that must ensure its identification. With RFID sensors, however, the reading is completely contactless.

The advantages of using RFID technology

RFID technology has already started its development some time ago and, since 2007, it has considerably increased its diffusion, also thanks to the numerous advantages that  it offers, including:

1) tracking of products on an individual and serialized level (i.e. standardized and shared) with data updated in real time
2) simplification of processes and speeding up of operations, something in which barcodes do not bring added value since they have to be read one by one compared to an RFId that reads massively products even in boxes or superimposed
3) competitive advantage for those who adopt a technology not yet widespread on a global level
4) the increase in regulatory requirements, in particular in the field of food and drugs, will require the use of RFID technology in large retailers. RFID is a bidirectional technology, so data updates (unlike a static barcode) can be done centrally and according to certified procedures
6) RFID is "compliant" with the spread of mobile payment systems (from smartphones), another plus to increase its use in large-scale distribution

Technology, safety and performance

These are (also) the reasons that push us to implement new technologies within our products. We want to be sure that, by contacting us, you will always find the most updated and performing solutions on the market, as well as - of course - suitable for your business.

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