DECOGREEN: the biobased and recyclable food packaging film

Biobased and recyclable, better specify, because they don't mean the same thing.

Let's say right away, in fact, that completely organic materials may not be biodegradable. Also, the recyclability of a product is not only linked to its formulation.

One of the requirements of the Circular Economy is to include reversible products (and processes) in the industrial cycle. If we talk about a product, for example, this will have from its birth several characteristics that make it possible to recycle and, therefore, circularly reuse.

100% recyclable packaging film

The packaging films of DECOFILM's DECOGREEN range are 100% recyclable and their production has a very low environmental impact.

The comparison with the production of traditional PE in fact shows how, to produce the same quantity, DECOGREEN uses twice the negative production of CO2 .

The secret of DECOGREEN; the sugar cane

It is no longer a secret, but in fact remains one of its greatest strengths. The packaging films of the DECOGREEN range are made up of 51% sugar cane, an ecological and zero-impact material: very high technical qualities for a film also suitable for food packaging, which will revolutionize the concept of packaging.