2021: we are coming

Despite a 2020 spent in pursuit of the constant change of rules due to the global health situation, the company's year-end balance sheet is positive.

How is it possible and what can we expect from the incoming year?


Sustainable packaging: right and far-sighted choices

Thanks to an enlightened and long-term policy, the difficulties of 2021 found us more than prepared for any market change.
In particular, the increased demands for sustainable and disposable packaging took advantage of solutions already designed, tested and produced.
This gave us a great competitive advantage.


We do not stop

Our plans continue following the direction that was already part of our planning and that tends increasingly towards sustainable and performing packaging, intended as a valuable alternative to traditional films for industrial packaging.


Technology and responsibility

Now more than ever, during holidays, we feel strongly the responsibility of proposing and preparing solutions for packaging able to preserve food hygiene and thus protect people's health, avoiding any possible contamination and extending food shelf life as much as possible.


Value for tomorrow

The health situation, we are sure, will be soon resolved for the best, but the technological improvements that we will have introduced will be an acquired heritage of innovation that will remain precious and indispensable.


For a better 2021

In 2021 we will celebrate an important milestone: our 50th anniversary.
We expect a lot of work but also a lot of satisfaction because the projects and news that we have "in the pipeline" will certainly awaken your attention.


We wish you all health, energy, and the ability to imagine yourself in the future every day because this is what makes us able to react to the unexpected and find innovative solutions.