The role of plastic in the fight against COVID19

When everyone was against it, few had the courage to raise their hand to explain that the problem of plastic pollution was not the material itself, but its abandonment in the environment. Some shy voices had attempted to say that plastic has many advantages and that it would be enough to dispose of it correctly to have a material available which, in certain cases, saves our lives.

Plastic: essential for the protection of human health

This is also what emerges from the words of our Prime Minister, in his speeches to the nation. Today disposable plastic is saving the lives of many in intensive care units throughout Italy. Think for example of filters for respirators made of plastic with 3D printers, oxygen masks, sterile packs that wrap disposable instruments such as syringes or medical devices up to the precious swabs but also, more simply, disposable glasses and dishes that - in delicate health conditions - drastically lower contamination and potential contagion.

Safe food thanks to plastic films

Luca Iazzolino, President of Unionplast (source "La Repubblica"), asks the government to take a step back from the plastic tax, recalling how the same prime minister pointed out, in his televised speech of 24 March 2020, that we can eat food today purchased from the supermarket also thanks to the protective plastic films that guarantee optimal conservation and hygiene conditions.

Plastic Tax

The plastic tax is expected to come into effect on July 1 of this year, and will amount to 45 cents per kilogram. According to some, this could incentivize Italian companies to relocate production abroad. In Italy the plastic sector has about 10,000 companies, 162 thousand employees and produces a turnover of 32 billions, only in Lombardy there is talk of 3,490 companies and 58 thousand employees. It would certainly be a defeat for our country.